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Our Philosophy

UNC TIBBS views career and professional development holistically and emphasizes development of the whole person, across personal, career, and academic goals. Based on this philosophy, we support a number of community building programs under the career development umbrella – you can read more about them below! We also partner with our IMSD community to offer career development workshops that address the experiences of all members of our community.

TIBBS Community Building Groups

Community Building Groups

TIBBS supports student groups including our Community Building Groups which provide community, social events, and professional development for many of the diverse social identities that our trainees hold! Learn more about our community building groups!

Community Leaders Development Program

Community Leaders Development Program (CLDP): Fostering the development of emerging leaders committed to building community in the academic biomedical research enterprise. Learn more about our CLDP.

UNC and BBSP Resources

Community Building Resources

The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) and the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) program are committed to developing community to foster an environment in which all students can succeed. Learn more about our BBSP and OGE commitment to community building.


UNC also has a variety of centers and programs representing many viewpoints, click here for BBSP links to the many available to UNC students and staff.