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TIBBS Programming

Individual Development Plan (IDP) workshops

This FYG session introduces the idea of professional development, career planning, and identification of skill gaps as part of the first year curriculum in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBSP)

Trainees meet in small groups for interactive workshops selected by career interests, with CC IDP Workshops offered for each TIBBS Career Cohort (science business, policy, communication, and education groups). Trainees in each group work together with each other under the guidance of a TIBBS career counselor to review career goals, examine individual skill gaps, and pool resources and knowledge of their own experience and training in their career of interest to set target goals and keep on track for the career path of their choice!

Career planning workshops in two phases prepare trainees to find and pursue a career pathway that’s right for them. Interactive activities and peer-support during the workshop help trainees find methods to trouble-shoot any sticking points in their career an professional development progress, leaving with actionable steps and SMART goals to continue their career development journey.

Career skills series:

A seven-part series targeting research-intensive career exploration and professional development, especially for those interested in becoming principal investigators or team leads in academia, government labs, or industry. Sessions included: understanding the academia career path and many variations thereof; successfully preparing for and navigating the job market; making the most of a postdoctoral experience; challenges of running a lab from early-career stage investigators; principles of effective mentorship; differences (and similarities!) between academic, industry, and government research intensive careers from senior investigators; networking skills and tips; and how to navigate lab budgets and funding. Sessions typically either specialized in a particular career pathway branch for a deeper dive, or included all three branches of interest (academic, government, industry). See full schedule. (Co-sponsored by ARIC)

A six-part series aimed at empowering biomedical trainees to discover and develop their own leadership potential, offers an opportunity to learn more about trainees own strengths and weaknesses, engage in structured and meaningful professional development activities, gain a deeper understanding into what makes them “tick” as scientists and as future leaders, and develop their confidence and competence as a professional, all while meeting other students from UNC and Duke (co-sponsored program). Participation in this program allows trainees to both develop and demonstrate leadership, management, and interpersonal skills that improves performance as students and as future employees. See the full schedule.

An eight-session series consisting of pedagogical training for best practices in teaching, including topics such as: Interactive Team Learning, Learning Assessment, Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL), Teaching Statement, Portfolio, and Application Material Development, Classroom Management, Syllabus Design, Challenges of First Time Teachers, and Active Learning. See the most recent full schedule of past speakers and student blogs about past sessions. (Future co-sponsorship by FuSE)

A seven-session series that exposes trainees to professional knowledge crucial to industry careers and develops industry skills through interactive sessions, including topics such as: Leadership, Teamwork, and Professionalism, Industry Culture, Personality and Leadership Style, Interviewing Skills, Networking, and Industry Career Options. See a full schedule of events and speakers. (Future co-sponsoring by GBCC)

A series consisting of seven seminars and four workshops, including written policy assignments, that develop trainees skills and experience in science policy and advocacy, including topics such as: Policy 101 Science Policy Careers and Skills, Informal Science Communication, Communicating Science to Policymakers, Leveraging STEM Investments for Maximum Impact, Technology Transfer, Advocacy, and the Science of Science Policy (SciSP). Check out the full schedule of events. (Co-Sponsored by SPAG)

A six-session series, including two workshops with peer-reviewed written content submitted, to help trainees develop greater communications skills and learn about careers in science writing and communication. Topics included Science Journalism, Presenting Science to the Public, Editing and Evaluating Scientific Publications, Ethics in Science Writing and Communication, and Science Blogging and Social Media. See a full schedule of events. (Co-sponsored by SWAC)

Career development programs:

Two dozen professionals from across career paths representing every career cohort, and from a variety of stages in their career, descend upon campus for an afternoon of career exploration. Brief presentations by each professional are combined with networking interactions to make the most of a day full of new potential and exposure to possible future career paths.

Click on the links below to access recordings and content from past Career Blitzes

2023 Career Blitz

2022 Career Blitz

2021 Career Blitz

2020 Career Blitz

Held yearly with a series of speakers, resume reviews, and networking events, including topics such as: CV/Resume Development, Cover Letters, Networking, Interviewing, Negotiating the Job Offer, Career Strategy, the Job Search for International Students, Choosing the Right Postdoc, and Job Hunting for Positions Beyond the Tenure Track – STEM fields.  (Co-sponsored by UNC University Career Services and the Graduate School)

And more!

Special events have included, “Innovate Your Science Career,” workshops focusing on industry careers, and seminars on Personal Finance for PhDs, to name a few. Another popular event is format offered is information sessions with a myriad of companies, for example hosting startup companies like Epicypher, established companies like Novartis and Chiesi, contract research organizations like Nuventra and Novella, or research institutes like Saint Jude’s.

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