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Career Resources

(Note: While many of these resources may be useful to both trainees and faculty members, faculty members may click here for related resources for faculty available on the OGE website.)

TIBBS Professional Development Timeline

Take charge of your career! Find your place in the professional development timeline and explore the TIBBS website to learn more about how to prepare yourself for your future career.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

An IDP is a detailed description of your career plans and professional goals that is used to guide your choice of professional development activities. Generally, you will begin by assessing your skills, values, and interests and use what you learn to create a specific plan for developing your professional skills and positioning yourself for the career of your choice. IDPs are an excellent communication tool to help mentors and mentees work together to identify specific areas for improvement and discuss long-term goals.

CV Dos & Don’ts

Check out some tips from our Directors!

How to Find a Postdoc

Thinking of doing a postdoc? Here are some resources that will help you on your journey.

Career Exploration Options

There are lots ways you can explore careers, ranging from the comfort of you own home, to participating in club career development activities, attending networking events and site visits, or even completing an immersive experience such as an internship! Check out some articles below with ideas on how to get started.

Carpe Careers articles written by TIBBS and OGE leaders:

More articles by Dr. Dave McDonald

More Articles by Dr. Beka Layton 

More Articles by Dr. Patrick Brandt

Career White Pages

Learn more about a number of career pathways open to PhD-trained scientists.

TIBBS-On-Demand Career Workshops

Looking for some career exploration options you can tackle at your own pace? Check out UNC TIBBS Panopto Streaming Workshops (available with Onyen Login). Here is a list a of some highlights you can access, or check out all the available video library on UNC Panopto – Login and search for the TIBBS streaming channel. Highlights include:

  • Zero to Hero Career Planning Workshops: Phase I & II
  • 2021 Career Blitz Conversations with Professionals (A-Day-In-The-Life)
  • Using LinkedIn to search the contacts of a connection
  • On-Demand GRFP Fellowship Writing Workshop
  • On-Demand F31 Workshop