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2023 Teaching Series

Is a teaching related career in your future?

Curious about careers as a…Faculty member? Science Instructor? Higher Ed Administrator? DEI Program Director? Museum curator?

Join the Future Science Educators (FuSE) career cohort along with other scientists interested in teaching-intensive careers for the 2023 TIBBS Summer Teaching Series!

Whether you’re just starting to explore teaching as a career or looking to build upon previous experience, the TIBBS Teaching Series has something to offer! Throughout six seminars you will learn how to design your course and promote inclusivity and diversity, as well as how to develop your own teaching style and build a teaching portfolio. Come learn with passionate educators in these interactive workshops and get hands-on experience creating assignments, assessments, syllabi, teaching philosophies, developing job materials, and more! This is also a great opportunity to network with locally and nationally renowned educators!
Prepare yourself professionally for teaching and teaching-adjacent careers in this 6-session summer series. Education experts and career panels with professionals who teach will provide opportunities to explore and develop you teaching abilities. For those who complete attendance and teaching document submission requirements of the series, a certificate of completion can be earned to showcase you training experiences.


To achieve the a certificate of completion, you must attend 5 of the 6 sessions, and submit any 2 assignments (plus participate in peer review) for review at the end of the series (inclusive teaching activity, assignment/assessment, syllabus, teaching philosophy, or CV). Along with the certificate of completion, every assignment submitted will be eligible to count toward an entry to win an award! The top peer-rated assignments will receive recognition and awards, including: (1) Inclusive Teaching Excellence Award, (2) Course Design Excellence Award, (3) Assessment Design Excellence Award.


As space is limited, only sign-up if you plan to attend most or all of the sessions (at least 5 of the 6 sessions). Please register to attend (link below).


NOTE: Participation is in-person synchronous/live on campus for the TIBBS Teaching Series, unless previously approved by exception on a case-by-case basis. Contact with any questions.

Schedule of Events

Session 1: Teaching Across Diverse Groups (Inclusive Teaching Keynote + Panel) Kickoff – June 1 – with

Keynote Speaker: Emily Boehm, PhD | Faculty Development Consultant | UNC Center for Faculty Excellence

& Career Panel – Confirmed Panelists include: 

Grace Byfield, MS, PhD | Director, Promoting Advocacy and Research Awareness for Diversity in Genomic Medicine (PARADIGM) | UNC Program for Precision Medicine in Healthcare

Liz Albertorio-Saez, MS | Founder & Science Outreach Consultant | Thinkerleaf Science Outreach Consulting

Debra Ragland, PhD | Director of Diversity and Inclusion, BioCoRE Program | Duke University


Session 2: Introduction to Active Learning in the Classroom – June 8 – with Guest Speakers including

Lillian Zwemer, PhD | Teaching Assistant Professor | UNC Department of Biology


Session 3: Science Communication Tactics: Speak Their Language – June 15 – with Guest Speakers including

Jamie Vernon, MS, PhD | Executive Director & CEO, Sigma Xi | Publisher, American Scientist

Tamara Poles MEd | Director of Programs, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society


Session 4: Course Design & Assessment Workshop – June 22 – with

Megan Plenge, PhD, MAT | Teaching Associate Professor | UNC-BEST Coordinator for Earth Science Education | UNC Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences


Session 5: Teaching Faculty Job Search & Materials – June 29 – with Marissa Stewart, PhD, MS | Senior Faculty Development Consultant in Teaching and Learning | UNC Center for Faculty Excellence

& Invited Faculty Panel – Confirmed Faculty Panelists include:

Shveta Parekh, PhD | Teaching Assistant Professor | UNC

Laura Ott, PhD | Teaching Assistant Professor | UNC Department of Biology

Nat Prunet, PhD | Research Assistant Professor & Biology Imaging Core Director | UNC Department of Biology

Sarah Schoenrock, PhD | Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Research | UNC Genetics Department


Session 6: Teaching-Adjacent Careers Job Search & Materials: Higher Ed Academic Admin, Science Communication, and Science Outreach Careers – July 6 – with Dave McDonald, PhD, BBSP Director, UNC Office of Graduate Education

& Career Panel – Confirmed Panelists include:

Sabrina Powell, PhD | Director, EDGE Genomics (summer undergrad research program) and Education Program Director, Program for Precision Medicine in Health Care | | UNC Program for Precision Medicine in Healthcare

Jessica Harrell, PhD | Director of The Undergraduate Research Support Office | Duke University

Marissa Stewart, PhD, MS | Senior Faculty Development Consultant in Teaching and Learning | UNC Center for Faculty Excellence



  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #1:  Draft Syllabus – or – Workshop Series Proposal
    • Covered: Session 4
    • Due: July 6 (last day of Series)
  •  TIBBS Teaching Assignment #2: Assignment/Assessment – or – Learning Activity Lesson Plan
    • Covered: Session 1 (Inclusive Teaching), Session 2 (Active Learning), Session 4 (Assessment)
    • Due: July 6 (last day of Series)


  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #3: Teaching Philosophy/Statement
    • Covered: Session 5
    • Due: July 20 (2-weeks after series)
  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #4: Education-Focused CV – or – HigherEd Admin/Outreach Resume
    • Covered: Sessions 5 + Session 6
    • Due: July 20 (2-weeks after series)

Participants are encouraged to submit each assignment by the dates and times indicated above to be eligible to participate in peer-reviewed scoring and receive associated awards. To be eligible for an award, peer-review assignments must also be completed (submission instructions will be provided for each assignment after it is covered in the series; submitters will receive 2 review assignments per each assignment submitted, up to a maximum total of 8 review assignments if all 4 assignments are submitted). Awards are eligible for each award category. All assignments will be graded on a rubric using a 5-point scale (1=worst, 5=best) option on five specific factors for each assignment. Final due dates as indicated for each assignment (peer-reviews due 2 weeks after assignment due dates (Assignment #1/2 Peer-Reviews due July 20; Assignment #3/4 Peer-Reviews due Aug 3).


  • Inclusive Teaching Excellent Awards
    • Awarded for: Top inclusive teaching syllabi, activity, or assessment scores
    • Recipients of TIBBS Inclusive Teaching Awards will receive a copy of:
      • Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom (Hogan & Sathy, 2022)
  • Assessment Design Excellence Award
    • Awarded for: Top assignment/assessment score (1)
    • Recipient of Assessment Design Book Awards will receive a copy of:
      • Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (Chappuis et al., 2012)
  • Course Design Excellence Award
    • Awarded for: Top Syllabus score (1)
    • Recipient of Syllabus Design Book Awards will receive a copy of:
      • Higher Education by Design: Best Practices for Curricular Planning & Instruction (Mackh, 2018)

To be eligible to compete for each award, participants must:

  • Attend the requisite number of events to earn either a certificate of completion (5 of 6)
  • Attend the relevant session, compose the associated assignment, and submit the assignment – at least 2 assignments, of your choice
  • Submit 2 reviews per 1 assignment submitted, using the associated rubric appropriate for each assignment
  • You may submit all 4 assignments, which would make you eligible to compete for all awards; the more you submit, the more opportunities to earn a top score/award

Please find submission instructions in PDF format (coming soon).

Thanks for your interest

Please check back here for any updates. Thank you!