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2018 Teaching Series

Want to be a college instructor?

TIBBS Teaching Series 2018 is here.

Join Future Science Educators and other scientists interested in teaching-intensive careers for the 2018 TIBBS Teaching Series!

Whether you’re just starting to explore teaching as a career or looking to build upon previous experience, the TIBBS Teaching Series has something to offer! Throughout six seminars you will learn how to design your course and promote inclusivity and diversity, as well as how to design your teaching style and build a portfolio. Come learn with passionate educators in these interactive workshops and get hands-on experience creating assessments, syllabi, teaching philosophies, and/or Teaching-as-Research (TAR) plans. This is also a great opportunity to network with locally and nationally renowned educators!


To achieve the Basic distinction, you are required to attend at least 4 of the 6 seminars, and submit any 1 of the 4 assignments for review at the end of the series (assessment, syllabus, teaching philosophy, TAR plan). To achieve the Advanced distinction, you must attend at least 5 seminars and submit 2 assignments for review at the end of the series: (a) teaching philosophy, plus (b) one of any other assignment of your choice (assessment, syllabus, or TAR plan). Along with these distinctions, every assignment submitted will be eligible to count toward an entry to win one of two travel awards! The top two peer-rated assignments will receive Travel Awards (valued at $600). In addition, the top scorers in each category will be recognized with three Book Awards: (1) Course Design Excellence Book Award, (2) Assessment Design Book Award, (3) Teaching Research Design Book Award.


As space is limited, only sign-up if you plan to attend most or all of the sessions (at least 4 of the 6 sessions). Register to attend online (link below).

Register: (in-person trainees attending at UNC)


NOTE: Part of this series is co-sponsored by CIRTL, however if you plan to attend the series in person and want to be eligible for the travel awards and series completion, you MUST sign up with the in-person link above, and NOT through CIRTL. Only in-person participation will count for the TIBBS Teaching Series unless previously approved by exception. Contact with any questions.

CIRTL Online Course Registration: (ONLY for those not planning to attend in-person; not eligible for in-person series awards/completion)

Schedule of Events

Session 1 – June 28 @ 2-5p – Designing Your Course: Active Learning Kickoff with

Keynote Speakers: Viji Sathy, PhD, Teaching Professor, Department of Psychology, UNC & Kelly Hogan, PhD, STEM Teaching Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of Instructional Innovation, Department of Biology, UNC

& Trainee Teaching Panel – Confirmed Panelists include: Lathiena Manning, PhD, Current SPIRE Fellow; Ashlyn Spring, PhD, Current SPIRE Fellow; Brittany Miller, Former ImPACT Teaching Intern


Session 2 – July 5 @ 2-4p – Designing Your Course: Classroom Assessment with Ed Neal, PhD, President of Ed Neal and Associates, past Director of Faculty Development, UNC

Session 3W – July 12 @ 2-4p – Designing Your Course: Syllabus/Backward Course Design with Jennifer Coble, PhD, UNC Graduate Certificate in College Science Teaching Co-Director, UNC BEST Program Coordinator, & Teaching Associate Professor, Department of Biology, UNC

Session 4W – July 19 @ 2-4p – Designing YOU: Teaching Statement, Portfolio, Application Materials with Brian Rybarczyk, PhD, Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Academic and Professional Development, UNC CIRTL Director, & Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UNC

Session 5W – July 26 @ 2-4p – Designing YOU: Teaching Evaluations & Observations, Teaching as Research Plan/Methods, and Reflective Learning with Brian Couch, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Session 6 – Aug 2 @ 2-5p – Designing Your Faculty Career – Finale – Faculty Panel & Round Table/Networking with Invited Faculty Members – Confirmed Faculty Panelists include: Thomas Meigs, PhD, UNC Asheville; Danielle Graham, PhD, North Carolina A&T State University; Kathy Zarilla, PhD, Durham Technical Community College; Thomas Freeman, PhD, UNC Chapel Hill!


  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #1: Assessment
    • Covered: Thursday, July 5
    • Posted: Friday, July 6
    • Draft Date (Recommended): Thursday, July 12 @2p*
  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #2: Syllabus
    • Covered: Thursday, July 12
    • Posted: Friday, July 13
    • Draft Date (Recommended) #3: Thursday, July 19 @2p*
  • TIBBS Teaching Assignment: Teaching Philosophy/Statement
    • Covered: Thursday, July 19
    • Posted: Friday, July 20
    • Draft Date (Recommended): Thursday, July 26 @2p*
  • TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment #4: Teaching as Research (TAR) Plan
    • Covered: Thursday, July 26
    • Posted: Friday, July 27
    • Draft Date (Recommended): Thursday, August 2*

NOTE: *Recommended assignment draft dates apply to all participants, both in-person and online.

In-Person UNC Participants are encouraged to DRAFT each assignment by the dates and times indicated above (1 week after each session). However, for In-Person UNC Participants, ALL final drafts will be submitted AFTER the workshop series is complete. In-Person UNC Participants will have a chance for one final workshop/feedback session as part of the finale on Aug 2, and so will not conduct peer-review until after the series. Thereafter, In-Person UNC Participants will submit the final version of any number of assignments they choose to complete (submission instructions TBA; submitters will receive 2 review assignments per 1 assignment submitted, up to a maximum total of 8 review assignments if all 4 assignments submitted) on the following dates:

  • Final Due Date (in-person UNC participants only):
    • Friday, August 17 @ 2p- ALL ASSIGNMENTS
  • Reviews due (in-person UNC participants only):
    • Friday, August 31 – ALL REVIEWS

Online CIRTL participants will need to submit their drafts through Moodle by 2p (any time before the start of the following week’s session, as indicated above) – thereafter online CIRTL participants will automatically be assigned one peer-review grading assignment to complete in the following week, again to submit before class the following dates. All assignments will be graded on a rubric using a 5-point scale (1=worst, 5=best) option on five specific factors for each assignment. Final due dates as indicated for each assignment (1 week after session).


  • TIBBS Teaching Series Travel Awards
    • Top overall scores (2)
    • Recipient of TIBBS Teaching Series Travel Award will receive travel funding for up to $600 each toward teaching-related professional development travel, including teaching conference fees, accommodations/lodging, transportation (airfare, mileage, etc.), and related costs
  • Assessment Design Award
    • Awarded for: Top Assessment score (1)
    • Recipient of Assessment Design Book Award will receive a copy of:
      • Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (Chappuis et al., 2012)
  • Syllabus Design Award
    • Awarded for: Top Syllabus score (1)
    • Recipient of Syllabus Design Book Award will receive a copy of:
      • Higher Education by Design: Best Practices for Curricular Planning & Instruction (Mackh, 2018)
  • Teaching Research Design Award
    • Awarded for: Top TAR Plan score (1)
    • Recipient of TAR Design Book Award will receive a copy of:
      • Doing Research to Improve Teaching & Learning: A guide for college and university faculty (Williams, 2014)

To be eligible to compete for each award, In-Person UNC Participants must:

  • Attend the requisite number of events to earn either a Basic or Advanced designation (of your choice)
  • Attend the relevant session, compose the associated assignment, and submit the assignment (due by Friday August 17th @ 2p) – up to all 4 assignments, if you choose
  • Submit 2 reviews per 1 assignment submitted, using the associated rubric appropriate for each assignment (due by Friday Aug 31 @ 2p)
  • You may submit all 4 assignments, which would make you eligible to compete for all 4 awards; the more you submit, the more opportunities to earn a top score toward the travel awards; however, please note that only 1 award per participant will be awarded

Please find submission instructions in PDF format here:

TIBBS Teaching Series Assignment Descriptions and Rubrics vSUBMISSIONS

Thanks for your interest

Please check back here for any updates. Thank you!