Experiential Learning: ImPACT Internships, Site Visits, & More

Experiential learning is offered in a number of ways to UNC trainees. A first step may be to attend an event planned by a career cohort to hear from an invited guest in one’s career field of interest, and perhaps attending a subsequent networking lunch to explore perspectives of the career track from a more personal vantage point. But then what?

Site Visits:  We are collaborating with the National Institutes of Environmental and Health Sciences (NIEHS) and Duke University to develop the Enhancing Local Industry Transitions Through Exploration (ELITE) Consortium. Site visits through the ELITE Consortium are intended to assist trainees in gaining exposure to industry environments and skills, as well as to provide opportunities to network with industry scientists and organizational policy experts. In addition, we hope that the ELITE Consortium will foster networking among trainees cross-institutionally.

Other experiential learning opportunities include DNA Day or DNA Day CONNECT Programs, gaining administrative and committee planning experience as a TIBBS Advisory Board Member, or gaining leadership experience as part of a Career Cohort. These are just a few examples, the possibilities are endless!

For a capstone experience consider an ImPACT Internship: a self-designed, tailored internship in any field of the trainee’s choosing, at a partner company, institution, or organization of one’s choice. Read on to learn more!

ImPACT Internships

(2018 application period is OPEN! Application deadline is Feb 11th 2018)

The ImPACT Internship program was designed to be as flexible as possible in allowing you to complete an internship in the career area of your choice. We have set up a number of partnerships with organizations that are willing to host interns, but you may identify your own unique opportunity at an organization that is not on this list.

The Office of Graduate Education will fund about 30 160-hour internships each year. If you are able to identify an externally funded internship, the length of the internship can be chosen through conversation between you, your PI, and the hosting organization. Please note that your selection to be funded as an ImPACT Scholar will not guarantee that you will find a match in an organization of your choice. We will provide resources to help you identify a hosting organization, but it is the responsibility of the awardee to identify and secure an internship opportunity.

Both UNC and NIH will be evaluating this program rigorously. If you are selected to participate in this program, you will be expected to participate in surveys to provide feedback regarding the program and its effect on your training.

Your application for an internship requires the following materials:

  • Complete the Online Internship Application
  • Email the following 3 documents to Patrick Brandt (pdb@unc.edu) by midnight on Feb 11th 2018.
    • Signed, scanned copy of the Faculty Mentor Consent Form
    • Personal Statement (1-2 pages single spaced max) that addresses why you want to be an ImPACT scholar and how you anticipate that you will benefit from your participation in an internship. Please also include your research area of interest and how this may influence your choice of internship location.
    • Current CV (for internships in academia) or resume (for industry internships).

Congratulations to our past and current ImPACT interns!

Want to learn more?

Many previous ImPACT interns are open to discussing their experience applying, setting up internships, and actually being an intern. Click here for an ONYEN-protected file with their internship assignment and most recent contact information.

  1. Please check here for general trainee FAQs about internships!
  2. Please check here for general PI FAQs about internships!
  3. Please check here for an FAQ sheet for internship providers!


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