The Quantum Mechanics Behind Biology

Posted: 10 23, 2015

Written by Nicole M. Baker Doctoral Candidate in Pharmacology If you have any interest in science and have ever contemplated your existence within the confines of this universe, chances are that you’ve come across an interactive Flash-based animation called “The Scale of the Universe.” Developed by two 14-year-olds, Cary and Michael Huang, this animation allows …read more

Move over, Mendel

Posted: 05 02, 2015

Recently featured in Science, Valentino Gantz and Ethan Bier have developed a novel genome editing method that subverts traditional heritability. Termed the mutagenic chain reaction, this process  can insert new mutations in the genome that automatically spread themselves to neighboring chromosomes. Thus, homozygous mutants are generated after just one generation, instead of the two generations …read more

Zombieism’s closely related cousin

Posted: 04 29, 2015

Most people would presume the safest place to survive the imminent Zombie apocalypse would be in an underground bunker. This erroneous conclusion has led to the untimely death of a large number of soft-shelled clams – admittedly not by Zombieism itself, but its closely related cousin: transmissible and highly contagious cancer. Hemic neoplasia, a leukemia-like …read more

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