September: Guess what we imaged!

Posted: 09 14, 2015

Written by Dan Albaugh President of SWAC, Doctoral Candidate in Neurobiology Hello Pipettepen Readers! SWAC is gearing up for another great semester! To kick it off, we’ve got another MRI image ready for your guesses. Every so often, I like to post images of produce items taken at UNC’s Biomedical Research Imaging Center. These scans …read more

July: Guess What We Imaged

Posted: 07 29, 2015

Hi Readers! Thanks for your guesses for last month’s MRI image. Nur and Saideep are both right- it’s a kiwi! Posted below is a new image. For those that attended a 4th of July barbecue, this produce item may seem especially familiar. Happy guessing!   By Dan Albaugh Peer edited by Rachel Cohen Tags: [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”post_tag” …read more

June: Guess What We Imaged

Posted: 06 15, 2015

Hi Readers! Thanks for your guesses on last month’s MRI image. As Tania correctly guessed, it was an image of an onion. If you look closely, you can see that the inner layers are darker. This is because the scan is water-sensitive, and the onion was not so fresh. It was dehydrating from the inside …read more

Arctic Tales of Icy Trails

Posted: 06 10, 2015

May 2015 Sarah Cooley in the lovely Scandinavian dream of Iceland, just one of the countries where she has pursued her polar studies as a UNC student. Far out in eastern Russia, deep in the Siberian Plateau, lies one of the great waterways of the world. The Lena is the eleventh longest river on Earth. …read more

Guess what we imaged?!

Posted: 05 01, 2015

Hello readers! I want to have a little fun with some of the great images that we create in the laboratory. My graduate research in Ian Shih’s lab focuses on neuroimaging, and our tool of choice is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Although we generally scan brains, occasionally some other interesting items enter through the MR …read more

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