Science Fail Monday: Cloning Carelessness

Posted: 06 29, 2015

One of my research projects involves characterizing a new protein-protein interaction. I wanted to know which specific regions of the two proteins interacted with each other, so I generated plasmid DNA able to express several shortened versions of the proteins in cells, hoping to later test whether the proteins could still bind to one another. …read more

The Red Eye: A Case of Too Many Replicates

Posted: 06 08, 2015

  One afternoon during my international stint in Cambridge, I took a break from work to buy coffee from the local baker a block away from the Department of Genetics. He greeted me and chatted rapidly as he prepared my favorite drink. As he handed me my mocha, he did a double take. What happened …read more

Science Fail Monday: Requiem for a Western Blot

Posted: 06 01, 2015

Requiem for a Western Blot: A Haiku on Reversing the Positive and Negative Electrodes     Two weeks to prepare It’s time to transfer this gel Data finally? Excitement building Put the wires on backwards Proteins all lost, $%!#     By: Nicole M. Baker Peer edited and Reviewed by Bailey Peck & Chris Givens. …read more

Science Fail Monday: A previously unreported method for complete randomization of biological samples

Posted: 05 18, 2015

Title: A previously unreported method for complete randomization of biological samples Authors: Ima B. Klutz1, Tripp R. Treat1, Lucy Fenghers1,2, O. H. Schitt3, Ivana Revind4, Nev R. Definde3, Rocco Starr1,2,4. Author Affiliations: 1 Curriculum in Unrealistic Biological Methodology, Wannabe-Harvard University, Cambridge, NC, 2 Department of Acronym Development and Testing, Wannabe-Harvard University, Cambridge, NC, 3 Department …read more

Science Fail Monday: The Benchtop Extraction

Posted: 05 04, 2015

Protein purification can be a lengthy process that requires patience, perseverance, and, at times, creativity. The purification of a protein that is susceptible to degradation and exhibits poor solubility provides extra challenges. I had the pleasure of working with one such protein. The purification procedure calls for three different affinity columns and numerous incubation steps. …read more

Inaugural Science Fail Monday: Filter Fail

Posted: 04 27, 2015

For weeks, I struggled to produce a successful harvest of lentivirus. I needed to transduce my pancreatic cancer cell lines with shRNA targeting my gene of interest. This is a common protocol in my lab, and I had never experienced difficulty accomplishing this task before. Now, I was unlucky beyond all reason. My plasmids were …read more

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