September: Guess what we imaged!

Posted: 09 14, 2015

Written by Dan Albaugh

President of SWAC, Doctoral Candidate in Neurobiology

Hello Pipettepen Readers!

SWAC is gearing up for another great semester! To kick it off, we’ve got another MRI image ready for your guesses. Every so often, I like to post images of produce items taken at UNC’s Biomedical Research Imaging Center. These scans (typically fruits and vegetables) are a great way to learn how to run an MRI, and have generated some really fascinating images. Figuring out what what produce item was scanned has also made for a fun guessing game.

I think this one may be the most difficult yet. What do you think?


Thanks for your guesses about the last image post. Adele Musicant was on the mark- delicious corn on the cob!

Edited by Kristin Sellers

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