Scientific Integrity Associate Positions at Duke Office of Advancing Scientific Integrity Services and Training

Posted: 02 22, 2017


The new Duke Office of Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (ASIST) has the current mission of creating an environment of excellence in basic science research by promoting a robust culture of scientific accountability & integrity, disseminating best-practices in data acquisition & management, providing data management tools and educational materials to the Duke School of Medicine scientific community. We are in the process of hiring critical personnel and we have two Scientific Integrity Associate Positions open for creative, forward thinking and bright applicants who may be holding a current postdoctoral position and are interested in pursuing an alternative career in the academic environment, away from the bench.

SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY ASSOCIATE Executive Vice Dean for Administration Job Description Occupational Summary: In a very service oriented approach, work with laboratories and cores within the School of Medicine to ensure effective data management practices are in place.Coordinate with other School offices around any core management issues identified. Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate training and support services around scientific integrity.

Work Performed: Identify cores, conduct interviews to understand the various details of the cores, assess data management practices, assist in enhancing plans where needs are identified. Coordinate with other offices as appropriate regarding core management and accounting issues. Evaluate department and institute Science Culture and Accountability Plans which define data management practices and lab processes for critical review and transparency of scientific data,assist in enhancing plans where needs are identified. Evaluate laboratory Standard Operating Procedures for data management and provide assistance to labs which require assistance to meet institutional standards for data management and study design. Assist in the development and implementation of training and support services around scientific integrity and data management. Assist in the implementation of Duke Data Services as it relates to scientific integrity and data management practices.


Education: Work requires a bachelor of science, preferably one that is strong in the management of large amounts of data. Advanced degree preferred.

Experience: Requires five years of experience preferably in a laboratory research environment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Ability to analyze and interpret complex scientific grants and data management plans Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to effectively interact with individuals at all levels in the organization. Must be able to work both independently and as part of a team. Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing tasks and doing multiple tasks in the same time frame.

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