NIAID Scientific Review Program Contract Scientific Review Officer Position

Posted: 06 12, 2017


NIAID Scientific Review Program (SRP) is interested in hiring a Contract Scientific Review Officers (cSROs).

For scientists interested in a transition from a laboratory to an administrative position: NIAID is seeking candidates with excellent oral and written communication skills, with at least a doctoral degree and research experience in the following areas: HIV/AIDS, influenza, and many other infectious disease programs; biodefense programs; epidemiology and prevention; allergy, immunology including autoimmunity, mucosal immunology and transplantation research; tropical medicine; and national and international training activities.

Job Duties:

cSROs are sought to assist in the management of peer review of grant application and contract proposals submitted to NIAID. Experience in managing an independent research program and submitting research grant applications to the NIH is a plus but not required. 


We are seeking motivated individuals with strong basic or clinical backgrounds in infectious diseases, molecular and cellular aspects of immunology/autoimmunity, asthma, allergy, transplantation, or other biomedical research related to the mission of the Institute, including translational research and microbiology, virology and related disciplines, anti-infective drug discovery and development; or significant experience in HIV/AIDS.

To Apply:

Please send your CV to Dr. Priti Mehrotra directly, or contact if you have questions:

Priti Mehrotra, M. Sc., Ph.D
Chief, Immunology Review Branch

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