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Posted: 02 22, 2017


Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Research Palo Alto, California

Inscopix stands at the forefront of Next Generation Neuroscience. Our flagship product for imaging large-scale neural circuit activity during behavior, nVista, provides neuroscientists with the ability to generate unprecedented data sets. The product was selected by The Scientist as the #1 Innovation of 2013 and has been covered in top scientific journals and media outlets. Since launching our Neuroscience Early Access Program in October 2012, we have built a significant customer base comprised of nearly 100 prestigious neuroscience laboratories (including 6 Nobel Laureate labs) and major pharmaceutical companies.

Inscopix is looking for talented postdoctoral neuroscientists interested in pursuing groundbreaking brain science in a highly-motivating and fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Postdoctoral fellows will have unique opportunities to work in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of driven neuroscientists, physicists, engineers, and data scientists. If you are looking for a postdoctoral training program that immerses you in 21st century neuroscience, we want to hear from you!


Unique features of the Inscopix Neuroscience Postdoctoral Program:

Opportunity to work in a highly collaborative environment with interdisciplinary teams
Early access to ground-breaking technologies
Focus on transformative research with high impact
Significant training resources
Exposure to leading neuroscientists in academia and industry

About Inscopix:

Inscopix, a privately held neuroscience company in California, and a Stanford University spin-off, is the world\’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions for imaging and interpreting large-scale neural activity during natural behavior. By deploying its revolutionary state-of-the-art technology in the pursuit of bold and game-changing questions, Inscopix is pioneering a new paradigm in the mechanistic investigation of the brain in health and disease. Inscopix has a scientific culture that is intermediate between academia and industry, and it places a high premium on creative and goal-driven scientists with the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams. Come join us, and be a part of Next Generation Neuroscience.


The ideal candidate will have:

A PhD in Neuroscience or in a related field
Experience with in vivo imaging, in vivo electrophysiology and/or optogenetics
Creative problem solving skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong quantitative and analytical skills
A desire to work with amicable, energetic, interdisciplinary teams
A strong publication record

Bonus skills:

Two photon microscopy experience
Excellent surgical skills
Matlab programming and data analysis expertise
Experience with rodent behavioral assays
In vitro electrophysiology and dynamic clamp experience
Experience with nVista technology


To Apply:

How to Apply:

Please forward cover letter and resume

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