HemOnc Carpenter Lab Postdoc at UPenn

Posted: 02 22, 2017


Postdoctoral position to discover liquid biopsy molecular signature

Laboratory of Erica L. Carpenter, MBA, PhD

Description: A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the Circulating Tumor Material Laboratory in the Division of Hematology/Oncology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The post-doc will lead a project to develop a liquid biopsy for the measurement of single and clustered pancreatic cancer circulating tumor cells and utilize single cell next generation sequencing to discover molecular signatures associated with more aggressive disease. Our lab focuses on the identification, capture, and molecular analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), cell-free DNA (cfDNA), and exosomes from cancer patients. Blood, bone marrow, pleural effusions, and other non-invasively captured patient samples are used to detect biomarkers which allow: 1) early detection of disease as well as post-therapy monitoring of minimal residual disease, 2) an efficient means of determining clinical and biological response to therapy and, thus, clinical decision making, and, 3) cancer genetic phenotyping to drive personalized medicine that obviates the need for serial biopsies in a population of patients for which these procedures are difficult, risky, and insufficient. The focus of the CTM Center is driven by the needs of clinicians and translational investigators, and realized through collaborative work with investigators in the Penn School of Medicine, Penn School of Engineering, Penn Center for Personalized Diagnostics, and industry partners.

Responsibilities: -Lead development of novel approaches for molecular analysis of genetic material from extremely rare CTCs from the blood of pre-clinical models and patients -Discover prognostic molecular signature by analyzing next generation sequencing data, including exome and RNA-Seq -Lead the co-development of a novel flow cytometry-based approach for CTC isolation -Participate in grant writing, and publish and present research findings. -Develop and maintain productive collaborations with Penn basic science and clinical investigators as well as industry collaborators


Qualifications: A PhD (or MD/PhD) in cancer biology or related fields is required. Experience in genomic analysis or bioinformatics is desirable. Excellent organization and time management skills are required as well as strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively interact with all members of the lab and external collaborators.

Note: Position is flexible as to whether the person best fits into one of the following 3 titles: Senior Research Technician, Post-Doc, or Research Associate.

To Apply:

For more information or to apply, contact: erical@upenn.edu.

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