Columbia Center for Translational Immunology Postdocs in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Posted: 05 18, 2017


Post-doctoral fellow positions in cancer immunology and immunotherapy are available at the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology (CCTI), Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), New York, NY The candidates will work on basic and translational tumor immunology with focus on T cell biology and adoptive immunotherapy of cancer and viral diseases with the goal of developing new treatments for patients. The lab concentrates on various aspects of anti-tumor responses mediated by antigen-specific CD4+ T cells including Th polarization states (e.g. Th1, Th17), memory formation, self-renewal, senescence and bioenergetics.

Job Duties:

The candidates will need to utilize molecular biology techniques to improve the activity of immune cells and to investigate underlying mechanism using realistic animal models and parallel translation into the novel clinical trials of adoptive immunotherapy for cancer, leukemia and refractory infections. The candidates will be expected to develop and execute independent research plans that lead to peer-reviewed publications, to work cooperatively within an interdisciplinary group of research personnel and to demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills. Positions will open in July 2017.


Requirements: 1. Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree (M.D., D.V.M., etc.) 2. Expertise/interest in molecular and cellular biology techniques, genetic engineering, systems biology and bioenergetics, virology, stem cell biology, immunology and animal studies 3. Interest in applying this interdisciplinary knowledge to tumor immunology, immunotherapy and T helper cell biology at the basic and translational level

To Apply:

Please e-mail your curriculum vitae, contact information and references to Dr. Pawel Muranski:

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