Guess what we imaged?!

Posted: 05 01, 2015

Hello readers! I want to have a little fun with some of the great images that we create in the laboratory. My graduate research in Ian Shih’s lab focuses on neuroimaging, and our tool of choice is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Although we generally scan brains, occasionally some other interesting items enter through the MR bore. A tradition has started in the lab wherein new members scan food items, learning all of the procedures without having the stresses associated with an actual experiment. It’s also a lot of fun, and has generated some fascinating images. Each month I will post a new one, without identification. With each new post, I’ll provide the answer to the previous month’s image. I’ll start with something easy- can you tell what this might be?


MR image by Dan Albaugh.

What am I? MR image by Dan Albaugh.

by Dan Albaugh


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