by Megan Meyer Biography: Dr. Dana Peles works for Stiefel, serving as an analytical representative for the dry skin franchise.  Stiefel is a global dermatological pharmaceutical company and was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in July 2009. Dr. Peles obtained her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Duke University in 2009 and was a North Carolina Biotechnology Center …read more

By Megan Meyer Biography: Dr. Rawls works for American Journal Experts (AJE) serving as the Recruitment and Talent Development Manager.  AJE is a company that offers author-oriented solutions to the obstacles international researchers face during the publication process, offering editing, translation, and formatting services. In addition to employing full-time staff, AJE also provides opportunities for …read more

by Rebecca Bauer Biography:Dr. Shantá Hinton received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned a PhD in Cellular and Developmental Biology from Howard University working with Dr. William Eckberg.  Following graduate school, she completed a postdoc at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, working with Dr. Nicholas Tonks …read more

By Dana Walsh Her path to NIEHS: Dr. Mercedes Arana is a Biologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). After completing her undergraduate degree at Florida State University, she was unsure if she wanted to go to graduate or medical school. She ended up working as a research associate with her bachelor’s …read more

by Rebecca Bauer Biography: Dr. Robert Cook-Deegan, MD is the Director for Genome Ethics, Law & Policy at Duke University. He  received a medical degree from the University of Colorado and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Harvard College. Following two years of postdoctoral research on the molecular biology of oncogenes at the University of …read more

By Dana Walsh On Tuesday, May 8th, Brandy Salmon, PhD, MBA, took some time out of her busy day to speak with UNC graduate students about her career as Innovation Advisor/Business Growth Manager at RTI International and offer advice to students interested in combining an interest in science and business. The conversation focused on tactics …read more

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