By Adele Musicant Illustrated by Allie Mills Most of us have heard the story of Van Gogh and his ear:  he reportedly sliced it off after a quarrel with an artist friend who was thinking of severing (no pun intended!) the partnership. However, there is a plethora of similar stories: Virginia Woolf (a British novelist), the …read more

July: Guess What We Imaged

Posted: 07.29.15

Hi Readers! Thanks for your guesses for last month’s MRI image. Nur and Saideep are both right- it’s a kiwi! Posted below is a new image. For those that attended a 4th of July barbecue, this produce item may seem especially familiar. Happy guessing!   By Dan Albaugh Peer edited by Rachel Cohen Tags: [wpv-post-taxonomy type=”post_tag” …read more

One of my research projects involves characterizing a new protein-protein interaction. I wanted to know which specific regions of the two proteins interacted with each other, so I generated plasmid DNA able to express several shortened versions of the proteins in cells, hoping to later test whether the proteins could still bind to one another. …read more

Mr. Turtle Gets Sick

Posted: 06.18.15

In 2012, I was working at the Cooperative Oxford Lab in Oxford, Maryland, when we were notified of and rescued a stranded sea turtle. Sadly, the turtle was so sick that it died. An intern performed the necropsy (an autopsy on animals) and found that the turtle’s stomach was full of plastic trash and even …read more

June: Guess What We Imaged

Posted: 06.15.15

Hi Readers! Thanks for your guesses on last month’s MRI image. As Tania correctly guessed, it was an image of an onion. If you look closely, you can see that the inner layers are darker. This is because the scan is water-sensitive, and the onion was not so fresh. It was dehydrating from the inside …read more

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